Dr John Cousins - Chairman

  • Consultant Anaesthetist, St Marys' Paddington and The Hammersmith Hospital
  • Areas of interest: Bariatric Service lead, The hypercoaguable state of the obese patient IVC filters, Qtc in obesity, Cardiothoracics, Cardiomyopathy and pulmonary hypertension in obesity
  • See Publications

Dr Mike Margarson - Vice Chairman

  • Consultant Anaesthetist and Director of Intensive Care, St Richard's Hospital Chichester
  • Areas of interest - Critical Care, Bariatric Anaesthesia, Microcirculation, Pre-hospital Care
  • Likes - Fine wine, clear thinking, (not necessarily at the same time), Cornish beaches
  • Dislikes - Political correctness, Rigid protocols, Big Cities in hot weather.

 - IT lead

  • This role is currently being delivered by John Cousins


Dr Jonathan Redman - Research + Education

  • Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Lead of Intensive Care York Hospital and Bariatric Lead
  • Areas of interest - Risk assessment in obesity, Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, 
  • Co-Author of single sheet guideline (distributed by SOBA)
  • Special interest - attempting to navigate the North Yorkshire Moors on his mountain bike.

Dr Chris Bouch - Secretary

  • Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Clinical Lead for Upper GI & Bariatric Anaesthesia University Hospitals Of Leicester
  • Director of Anaesthesia for National Weight loss surgery provider
  • Areas of interest: Bariatric anaesthesia, critical care management of the obese patient, post-cardiac arrest management and targeted temperature management

Dr Kanchan Patil - Treasurer

  • A leading consultant at St Georges Tooting and the Obesity Lead for that department.
  • Kanchan has developed plethora of experience from St Georges and St Marys as a trainee and then as a consultant delivering tertiary bariatric anaesthesia.

Dr Harry Thompson - Trainee Rep

ST5 Imperial School of Anaesthesia
Interested in the impact of obesity on injury patterns in major trauma and airway, Medical education through social media, avid GAT member
Creator of SOBA merchandise


Dr Anil Karmail - Fellows Rep

  • Was an ST7 Anaesthetist in North West London, now a consultant at St Mary's, Paddington
  • Involved in clinically applicable anaesthesia research  
  • Interests: Bariatric anaesthesia, pre-operative assessment, airway management and recycling in anaesthesia/surgery
  • Special Interests (pre-young children): Climbing, travel, developing world anaesthesia
  • Special Interests (post-young children): Survival


Dr Nathan Ware - Obesity Leads

  • Consultant Anaesthetist, Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Interests in Upper GI/Bariatrics, CPET and the role of prehabilitation
  • Cake baker and tidier of Lego