Without sponsorship - there would be no SOBA meetings. 

We are a non-profit charity so the value of sponsorship to be able to book large venues and keep attendance fees so incredibly low is key.

  • A Platinum sponsor agrees to sponsor both main SOBA events in  12 month period and effectively gets a discount and priority
  • A Gold sponsor has chosen to participate at a single event or events as the come up.

Do get in touch with them and also review stands at the conference.

Please do mention that this link up comes via a SOBA event as it will encourage further support to SOBA and keep event prices low !



  • MSD - Sugammadex
  • Baxter - Desflurane
  • Fannin - Airtraq
  • Covidien - BIS, McGrathlaryngoscope, INVOS
  • F+P - Humigard humidity system
  • B-Braun
  • Dräger