Slideset from ERS The Sleep and Breathing Conference

The Sleep and Breathing conference took place in Marseille on Friday Dr Mike Margarson spoke about anaesthesia and sleep affected by opioids.

Organised by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the European Sleep and Research Society (ESRS), this was an incredible honour for Mike and SOBA.

The programme focussed upon sleep and breathing disorders including sleep-related areas of paediatrics, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, psychology, psychiatry and neurology.

As promised the slide set from Mikes talk is available for download here for 7 days.

Please do join SOBA in London in early December for an excellent conference in obesity anaesthesia training combined with experts from across the globe and SASM. Register your interest here. by clicking and emailing Mike.


Dr Mike Margarson (Chichester)

All slides are for solely for educational purposes - they are not instructions for clinical practice.

NOT for reproduction without permission of the author.

Free download is now closed - contact Mike directly