Committee Job Descriptions

Rather than insisting upon definite job descriptions, we thought we would ask the committee themselves to write what they do. Of course roles and role sub parts will and can be moved between posts. but at least this is a flair of the work involved.

Regular Sunday evening conference calls, turns at organising conferences and job sharing responsibilities are the only way a volunteer committee can work.

It is a responsibility but it is a lot of fun and strong friendships arise.

Trainee Rep

Responsible for a broad range of roles including branded merchandise, attending trainee conferences to represent the society, speaking engagements and assisting in general planning of events. Generating newsletters and running the social media accounts. There is opportunity for publishing clinical information leaflets and a variety of other projects.

Fellow Rep

Representation and promotion of SOBA at trainee events

Raising awareness of training opportunities in bariatric anaesthesia through fellowship programs

Offering a point of contact between trainees interested in bariatric anaesthesia experience at nearby bariatric units

Gaining insight into the way a successful specialist society is organized and managed


Regular committee work

Lecturer at all meetings

Interacting with AAGBI Spec Societies

Maintain Banking systems

Audit work with accountants

Receipts and payments

Chasing sponsors

Education & Research

The Education/Research lead shares responsibility for co-organising/contributing as a speaker at the annual Key Issues and other National/International meetings. Annually, at The Winter Scientific Meeting I run the abstract/poster presentation process. The role also involves the developing and updating of eduction material which to date has included the Single Sheet Guideline and the AAGBI Review article.

Chairman / Vice Chair / Secretary

During the last two periods of SOBA's life - we have taken the view that these three jobs must share flexibly the many many big and little roles between themselves. This removes any hierarchy and allows SOBA to work as a smooth balanced group.

We have tried to give a list of the 'jobs', roles and topic areas that are involved. The incumbents will have to start by allocating and then evolving roles to where individuals can deliver the best.

This list is not exhaustive or permanent and all three have mixed and covered all of these roles in the last two SOBA cycles of committee.

  • Minutes of meetings
  • Ensuring actions are followed up 
  • Ensuring constitution is followed and changes are carried out appropriately
  • As part of SOBA lectures, meeting organisation and other duties as required
  • Maintain database of membership
  • Reply to RCOA obesity enquiries
  • Host the frequent Skype Conference calls
  • Meet and negotiate with sponsors
  • Ensure SOBA delivers on core values
  • Protect membership from spam, advertising etc
  • To take over role of Chairman in the absence of Chairman
  • Co-ordinate Annual Scientific meeting in conjunction with Chairman.
  • Co-ordinate Sponsorship and industry links relating to meetings in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  • Currently – also maintain the content of the Key-Issues study day courses, including update of related educational materials; liaise with ESPCOP and other societies regarding running these courses at ESA, ESPCOP and other events.
  • Support fellow council members as is reasonably required
  • Specialist Society AAGBI liaison 
  • Lead the committee
  • Deciding vote in hung votes of committee
  • Negotiate, work with other Societies ESPCOP, ISPCOP etc
  • Chair the ASM
  • Approve / take ultimate responsibility for Newsletter content
  • Delegate new roles and responsibilities
  • Financial responsibility shared with Vice-Chair by signature at AAGBI
  • Ensure probity of SOBA committee and policy direction
  • Agree financial reports with Treasurer