Founded in feb 2009 in Bruges this society is intended for all European Anaesthesiologist active with obese patients. 

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The European Society for Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient 

To aim for the highest standards of practice and safety in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine and pain treatment through education, research and professional development throughout Europe.

European Society Anaesthesiology

The Mission of the International Society for the Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient is to promote excellence in clinical management, education and research regarding the care of the morbidly obese patient during the perioperative period.

International Society for Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient

The mission statement of SASM is to advance standards of care for clinical problems shared by Anesthesiology and Sleep Medicine, including peri-operative management of sleep disordered breathing.

Society of Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine

BOMSS is a professional society of surgeons involved in obesity management.

Membership of the society includes medical professionals and allied health professionals including specialist nurses, dieticians, psychologists and dieticians.

BOMSS aims to promote the development of high quality centres for obesity surgery, to educate and train future obesity surgeons and practitioners and to guide commissioning and policy for the use of obesity surgery in the UK.

British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society

The International Federation for the Surgery of OBESITY AND METABOLIC DISORDERS (IFSO) is a federation composed of national associations of bariatric surgeons. Currently, there are about 58 official member associations of IFSO.

International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

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