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As a SOBA trainee member, which is just £20, you are eligible to fantastic rates for our regular courses and conferences. Start to develop a sub-interest or just gain more confidence and knowledge for looking after obese patients. World specialists share their knowledge. 


Are you involved with any obesity related QI projects, audit, presentations or research? Then get in touch!We can offer advice, facilitate processes and even provide grants for travel and accommodation on an ad hoc basis. Don't be put off doing big projects due to lack of resources... We are ready and waiting. 

Clinical Advice

We have a single sheet guide with a wealth of information tucked into a small space. Please consider printing it out and putting up in your departments or theatres. We are also at the end of an email if you have any difficult questions. We have an app due to be released later this year with drug dose calculations in the obese patient and you will have early free access to it so stay tuned!

Trainee Membership is only £20 per year

Are you our new Trainee Rep? Apply Now! 

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